Letter of support for Council from the ACHPN

Read our letter that was tabled at the Auckland Council meeting on 29 September 2018.

The question being addressed here is the role of local Government across New Zealand - starting here in Auckland, to influence the quality and mix of housing types and tenures for regeneration projects as they occur. This particular matter with John Tamihere fronting (as the property developer) for Housing New Zealand (the ultimate purchaser of the proposed housing outcome that is being rejected by Auckland Council) highlights the issue relating to high concentrations of social rental housing in large developments.

If we don’t care about this, as Community Housing providers, we are in the wrong business.
Who do we think is going to be cleaning up the mess for the next generation?

Watch the videos of the meeting by clicking on the links below:

Part one

Part two

Read another great news article in the NZ Herald on 9 October 2018.

Concern as Government cuts up front funding for new community houses