What is the 18 for 4 campaign?

What is 18 for 4?

It’s a simple idea for a big problem. Sometimes, the easiest way to create understanding is through numbers. 

Making housing work for Aucklanders

18 for 4 represents an idea, a way to better use Auckland’s land to enable Aucklanders to keep calling this city home. ACHPN (Auckland Community Housing Providers’ Network) will take clusters of four Housing NZ homes in existing communities and turn them into 18 new homes. 

These 18 homes will be available for all kinds of people, from those needing social housing support to those on lower incomes requiring assistance to get on the property ladder to people simply looking for a more affordable purchase opportunity within an existing Auckland community.

The proposed development includes low-rise three to four story apartment buildings, with six apartments per floor. The floor plan will typically consist of a variety of apartment sizes to cater to small and larger families.

Why now?

The pressure for housing in New Zealand has seen house prices rapidly increase in recent times – making life tougher for New Zealanders, especially those on lower incomes. The Kiwi dream of owning a home is getting farther and farther out of reach for families, forcing some to live in cars or garages. We’ve all seen it in the media – but nobody has posited a real solution – until now. 

If we want Auckland to keep its diverse nature and colourful history, we need to make sure that all kinds of people can afford to live here. If teachers are looking for work elsewhere because rents are too high, something’s got to give. 

The numbers don’t lie. In recent years, the population of Auckland has increased by over 90,000. That’s comparable to the population of Whanganui and Invercargill combined. New houses are being built – but they aren’t keeping up with demand. 

What’s more, current building projects are having to push further and further away from the Auckland CBD and the other pre-Super City hubs of Waitakere, Manukau and the North Shore. So people will potential end up spending hours commuting every day, while still struggling to pay rent or mortgage payments. 

The mixed-tenure model

At the heart of the 18 for 4 concept is a mixed-tenure set-up. This is where the numbers come into play again. For each 18-home block or project, eight units will be allocated to replace the existing state homes – effectively doubling the original four homes. Six units will be put aside for low-income families looking for a rent-to-buy option. And four units will be sold privately. 

What does this mean? Community. Keeping the spirit of Auckland alive and enabling Aucklanders from all walks of life to have access to quality public services – and to thrive in an environment designed to welcome everyone.  

The need for land

There’s nothing that makes the actual physical homes in Auckland any more expensive than those elsewhere in the country – timber is timber, brick is brick – so the real cost when it comes to Auckland housing is the land on which the house sits. Creating low-rise three-to-four-storey apartment buildings is a much more cost-effective way of using high-demand land than the existing state homes. 

And the community housing sector has proven an ability to develop fit-for-purpose homes from quality materials. 18 for 4 is our way to take that ability to a new level.