18 for 4 campaign: Community Housing

Community housing
– Auckland’s housing crisis solution

Wherever we live, we’re all part of a community – so why not take community into account when developing solutions to issues faced by many? Community housing organisations strive to ensure that everyone has a place to call home – whether that’s in an emergency housing situation, through government-enabled social housing, assisted rental housing, or assisted homeownership. Wherever a person or family falls on that continuum, there is a community housing organisation dedicated to helping them find their feet. 

Housing Aucklanders

In order to make sure all Aucklanders can access affordable housing options, community housing providers have a vital role to play. ACHPN consists of 16 community housing organisations – and together, they manage more than 1500 homes. Funds that these organisations receive are used effectively to both maintain the existing properties (ensuring that everything is kept in good order and stays up to code) and create new housing opportunities.

Next level solutions

18 for 4 is a chance to take community housing to the next level, by integrating different levels of the community housing continuum into one neighbourly complex. Growth in this space is desperately needed – as a growing population will only increase the pressure on emergency and social housing resources.

And community housing is not unique to Auckland. While Auckland does have housing challenges above and beyond other centres in New Zealand, there will always be people struggling to afford a place to live. 18 for 4 may be part of the ACHPN’s framework, but the concept has the potential to transform community housing nationwide.

What’s the difference between state housing and community housing?
State housing provides basic needs – social housing, tenancy management. These are vitally important – but all too often, they aren’t enough. So community housing providers go further, filling the other gaps in the housing process. They provide wrap-around services, ensuring that those under their programme have better outcomes. They are part of the community that they work in, so there is often a deeper local understanding. They help tenants focus on their goals, and provide support to enable them – whether it’s work ambitions, financial plans or family and community outreach. 

Optimising spending

And importantly, community housing providers leverage Government funding for further housing. For every dollar that the Government provides to a community housing provider, the organisation in question invariably puts in at least another $1–2 of funds it has built up itself. This results in a minimum 100% return on funds – and enables further development to continue into the future. It’s a sustainable, community-focused way to house people.