18 for 4

Q. What is the 18 for 4 concept?

A. We’ll take four state houses in existing communities and turn them into 18 homes for all kinds of people, from those on low incomes through to those wanting to get onto the property market. In short, 18 for 4 is asset development for the community, by the community.

Q. What will the homes look like?

A. Relatively small three to four storey apartment buildings. With six apartments per floor, the buildings will typically consist of a variety of apartment sizes. For example, one three-bedroom, two one-bedroom and three two-bedroom apartments per floor. Check out our artist’s sketch and montage of similar buildings to see how it could fit into your community.

Q. Where will they be located?

A. In existing suburbs within the new Unitary Plan mixed housing urban zones. They will ideally be located on sites close to shopping centres and public transport - depending on site availability of course.

Q. What makes them cost effective?

A. Land is the most expensive part of most new housing developments. Low-rise three to four story apartment buildings are the most cost effective buildings types for delivering many homes on a small site, while avoiding more expensive high-rise building costs. The community housing sector has already demonstrated its ability to develop fit-for- purpose, quality homes that are cost effective and affordable to tenants and new home buyers. 18 for 4 will enable us to do that on a larger scale and have an even bigger impact on the Auckland housing crisis.

Q. How much will they cost?

A. Building new, quality apartment homes is not cheap - but then, no housing in Auckland is cheap! Rents charged will be dependent on tenant income and government income assistance. The rent to buy and first home ownership schemes will also depend on household income and the applicant’s ability to contribute a deposit. Market sales will be at the low end of the market range for similar size units.

Q. Who will be eligible to acquire one?

A. 18 for 4 is focused on creating mixed tenure housing, in order to build the strongest community possible. Mixed tenure provides rented and owned housing opportunities for a range of people with various income levels. Approximately 45 percent (8) of the units will be set aside to replace the existing state homes, designated for people off the Ministry of Social Development housing waiting list – doubling the number of homes available for this purpose. A further 33 percent (6) will be allocated to first time home buyers seeking to buy their own home but in need of assistance to get on the property ladder. The remaining 22 percent (4) will be sold privately.

Q. Why is mixed tenure housing a good thing? 

A. Thriving communities are those in which people want to live. These communities have a strong, positive identity and are recognised for valuing diversity. People who live in these communities have access to quality services, transport and schools. Businesses thrive and there are employment opportunities. Housing is well designed and is of a good quality. Neighbourhoods have attractive public spaces. Including a mix of housing tenure in redevelopment projects contributes to improving the desirability of neighbourhoods; it promotes greater choice and opportunity for existing and new residents. Mixed tenure housing creates more sustainable communities where people live alongside each other regardless of their income level and provides opportunities for people to move towards housing independence within their own neighbourhoods.

Q. Who will manage the units?

A. Independent companies will be employed to provide administrative management of the apartment blocks, and regulated, experienced community housing providers will be responsible for management of the social and affordable tenancies. This will provide consistent, quality management, while also ensuring that those in social housing are able to access the other wrap around services they need to move up the housing continuum.

Q. Where will the houses come from?

A. The Auckland Community Housing Providers Network will be asking the Government to grant them state houses in blocks of four, in order to develop those assets and provide housing for many more people than would currently be possible.

Q. Is this good use of government resources?

A. Currently for every dollar government invests in Housing New Zealand, it receives a similar dollar’s worth of housing in return. Under this scheme, any resources provided by government will be used to provide twice as many social houses, provide assistance for first time home owners and help increase private market supply. Any funds provided by government will be retained by community housing providers strictly for further social and affordable housing development – avoiding any worries about asset sales or privatisation.

Q. How can I support the 18 for 4 campaign?

A. We’re glad you asked! There are several ways you can support 18 for 4 and help us turn it into a reality, including:

  • Follow us on Facebook and join the conversation using the hashtag #18for4
  • Share our content across Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #18for4 to spread the message far and wide – you could try sharing why you’re so passionate about it, give a personal anecdote of how you’ve been affected by the Auckland housing crisis, or encourage others to find out more by visiting this website www.achpn.net.nz
  • Write to the NZ Herald or other media outlets about why social housing land should be used for 18 for 4
  • Write to your local MP letting them know why you believe 18 for 4 is so important and encouraging them to support the initiative



Support the 18 for 4 campaign!

To get 18 for 4 off the ground, we need your help.

Tell your networks and friends about it, share why you think it’s so important that land for social housing can be used better, and, using #18for4, make sure your voice is heard as loudly as possible across social media and beyond. 

Help us build homes that people can afford in the places they need to be. Help us make 18 for 4 a reality.

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