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18 for 4
Building homes you can afford in places you need to be

An Auckland Community Housing Providers’ Network initiative, 18 for 4 is about transforming four houses in existing communities into 18 homes for all kinds of people, from those on low incomes through to those wanting to get onto the property market.

Find out more about how community housing providers and 18 for 4 will help solve Auckland’s housing crisis in our Q&As below.



Join the 18 for 4 campaign!

To get 18 for 4 off the ground, we need your help.

Tell your networks and friends about it, share why you think it’s so important that land for social housing can be used better, and, using #18for4, make sure your voice is heard as loudly as possible across social media and beyond. 

Help us build homes that people can afford in the places they need to be. Help us make 18 for 4 a reality.

What is Community Housing?

Community housing is about developing community based solutions to address housing issues. Find out more about Community Housing sector here »

18 for 4 Q&As

Check out our Q&As to find out more about the programme and how you can help.