Update on the 18 for 4 campaign
Building homes you can afford in places you need to be


You first heard about the Auckland Community Housing Providers Network (ACHPN)’s 18 for 4 campaign late last year.  The concept was developed as a response by ACHPN to help address the housing crisis in Auckland.

18 for 4’s proposal was to take four state houses and transform them into 18 homes for all kinds of people living in Auckland.  It would provide social housing, homes for first home buyers and some for sale to the private market.  Click here for more information about the proposal.
We now have a concept of what an 18 for 4 project could look like.  Working with Klein Architects, we have developed a design based on a typical site state housing site in Auckland. The concept would have mixed size units (1, 2, and 3 bedrooms) with shared areas and potential for community facilities.  It would be a maximum of three levels and we think this stylish terrace design would fit in well with most neighbourhoods. 

Go here to see what the floor plans might look like.




18 for 4 is about transforming four houses in existing communities into 18 homes for all kinds of people, from those on low incomes through to those wanting to get onto the property market, with each development including:

  • One, two and three bedroom homes in well designed, medium density developments
  • Eight homes for social housing to address the issues of homelessness and overcrowding
  • Six homes for assisted homeownership including rent to buy and shared equity to help young families into homeownership
  • Four homes for private sale, to generate funds that will go back into the development of further community housing

Read 18 for 4 campaign updates here » 


Support the 18 for 4 campaign!

To get 18 for 4 off the ground, we need your help.

Tell your networks and friends about it, share why you think it’s so important that land for social housing can be used better, and, using #18for4, make sure your voice is heard as loudly as possible across social media and beyond. 

Help us build homes that people can afford in the places they need to be. Help us make 18 for 4 a reality.

What is Community Housing?

Community housing is about developing community based solutions to address housing issues. Find out more about Community Housing sector here »

18 for 4 Q&As

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The primary activity of the Auckland Community Housing Providers Network (ACHPN) is to provide affordable housing solutions for low income households and people requiring support. The products and services provided cover the full spectrum of housing need across the housing continuum from emergency housing and facilitating essential support and services through to first time home buyers’ shared equity options. 

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